Metrics at your fingertips

Metricat is a simple, easy-to-use viewer for Prometheus exporters


Metricat - prometheus metrics viewer

Meet Metricat

Metricat screenshot with labels

Here is why you need Metricat

Local development with Metricat

Perfect for Local Development

Test and debug a locally running application by monitoring its metrics in real time.
High definition metrics with Metricat

High Definition Metrics

View metrics taken at any interval, even every second.
Low-definition data from Prometheus is often not enough.
Metricat supports Prometheus and OpenMetric

Prometheus and OpenMetric Support

Metricat can scrape metrics in Prometheus format. It is compatible with all official Prometheus exporters. We also tracking development of the OpenMetric format to support it when such exporters available.
Export scraped metrics fro Metricat

Export metrics

After scraping metrics with Metricat, selected metrics can be exported as a csv file to be used in any other visualization or data analysis tool for further investigation.